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"Going Green Helps Businesses' Bottom Line "
Posted on: 12/1/2010
"Everything we buy comes in cardboard boxes -- everything," Ryan said. "I had no idea how many items we can and do recycle here in the restaurant -- everything from the cans that our product comes in, bottles, everything else." Since starting his recycling program, Ryan hasn't had to call out for a Rumpke truck to empty his Dumpster as often.
What’s New in Multi-Attribute Environmental Certifications
Posted on: 12/1/2010
The goal of multi-attribute certifications is to recognize products that score well across a comprehensive battery of environmental, health, and even social measures. Some of these include full analysis of a product’s life cycle, while others simply use life-cycle thinking to identify the top issues to cover in the certification.
Sustainability training to bridge ‘green divide’ in Cincinnati
Posted on: 10/30/2010
The National Sustainability Coalition and Messer Construction Co. will co-sponsor a NSC Green Build Boot Camp to provide basic sustainability training to help small and diverse construction and construction-related firms to “go green.” The initiative is part of a comprehensive effort by the Greater Cincinnati Green Construction Collaborative to strengthen Cincinnati’s small, minority-owned and entrepreneurial business community by linking under-resourced companies with sustainability training, technical assistance to develop and implement a sustainability action plan, and green business certification to effectively compete in the emerging green economy.
Green Homes Summit offers information for sustainable home building
Posted on: 9/22/2010
A day of seminars on sustainable building and lifestyles with keynote speaker, green trade show and LEED-certified home tours! Organized by the US Green Building Council, HBA, AIA COTE and CORA, this regional event is open to everyone interested in learning more about sustainable building, design and living: Homeowners, builders, architects, tradespeople, contractors, lenders, appraisers, realtors, etc.
Local company finding gold in green
Posted on: 9/22/2010
Although housing may be in a recession, the market for energy-saving and ecologically friendly products has been taking off. Some of that is because of new federal spending, along with existing federal and state programs that promote green and especially energy-saving products. There is also more green consiousness in recent years.
"Greener Stock offers eco-building options "
Posted on: 8/22/2010
COLUMBIA TUSCULUM - After the slowing economy walloped her architectural design firm, Heather Curless found another livelihood in Greener Stock. Now, she's selling environmentally friendly building products at her building supply and design center along Columbia Parkway. It's a natural fit, she says, after revenue from her previous projects designing new homes and room additions dropped 50 percent from 2008 to 2009.
"The 411 on Cincinnati's new recycling plan "
Posted on: 8/2/2010
The City of Cincinnati will be implementing a new recycling plan starting this fall. The plan will include the addition of new recycling containers and an option to participate in Recycle Bank. Here's what you need to know about the new recycling program.
Greener Stock program to highlight green financial incentives
Posted on: 7/18/2010
Going green saves money in the long run, but many people don't know that significant financial incentives exist for those looking into sustainable new construction or remodeling projects. "Build Green-Save Green: An Introduction to Financial Incentives for Green Building and Remodeling", to be held Thursday, July 29 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. at Greener Stock, will offer information valuable to anyone related to the building trades – from home and business owners to contractors and builders.
Raising the Roof
Posted on: 7/18/2010
As homeowners are looking to stretch their dollars, they are becoming more and more astute when it comes to building material choices. They’re still willing to pay a little more initially for features that will not only satisfy their sense of aesthetics but also provide peace of mind with durability, energy savings and less impact on the environment. “Demand for all roofing has softened recently, but green as a roofing product segment is really hot,” says Charlie Taft, national sales manager for EcoStar, manufacturer of emulated slate, shake and tile roofing. “We still see robust opportunities for many high-end products as people are looking at life cycle costs, longer warranties and energy savings more than ever.”
Taking The Sizzle Out Of Summer In The City
Posted on: 7/8/2010
As the mercury soared into the triple digits this week along the East Coast, you can bet it was even more stifling in the asphalt and concrete jungles of cities like New York and Washington than in nearby rural areas.
U.S. Green Building Market Will Balloon to $173.5 Billion by 2015
Posted on: 7/6/2010
Think the trend of businesses making green office renovations is just a passing fad? Not according to the latest issue of EL Insights, which reports that the U.S. green building market value will balloon from $71.1 billion now to $173 billion by 2015.
This Summer, Travel with ENERGY STAR®
Posted on: 6/26/2010
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is encouraging people to travel green while on the road this summer, and choosing hotels that have earned EPA’s Energy Star is a great place to start.
New Facebook Application Gives You the Quick and Dirty on Your Personal Water Consumption
Posted on: 6/22/0201
Facebook is featuring a new water conservation application that gives you a speedy rundown of your personal water use. You can complete the test in a few minutes and then afterward see where you fall in comparison to other Facebook peeps.
Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity Starts Construction on GREEN Homes Concept
Posted on: 6/14/2010
The new build at 1141 Homeside Avenue is a green design by SHP Leading Design, winner of a statewide architecture contest sponsored last year by Cincinnati Habitat, the American Institute of Architects Ohio Committee on the Environment (AIA COTE), and other Ohio Habitat affiliates.
Come to CiTiRAMA® on Saturday, June 12, meet Cincinnati Reds Players
Posted on: 6/11/2010
CiTiRAMA® at Rockford Woods, now through June 13th, invites you to Build-Live-Play GREEN at CiTiRAMA® this Saturday June 12th beginning at 12noon. This family friendly Green themed day is sponsored by Greener Stock, a locally owned company featuring “building materials with a conscience”.
Marvin's Organic Gardens, Wal-Mart partner to compost food and plant waste
Posted on: 6/8/2010
Marvin's, in Lebanon, will soon begin receiving food and plant waste for composting from 160 regional Wal-Mart stores in partnership with Future Organics Inc., a private company working with Wal-Mart stores in Ohio and Michigan.
Artist Shepard Fairey Installs Mural at Greener Stock
Posted on: 5/25/2010
Soapbox Launches Speaker Series
Posted on: 5/15/2010
Soapbox readers, save the date! We're kicking off a Speaker Series with the Niehoff Urban Studio at UC's Community Design Center on Wednesday, May 26th. Join local and national thought leaders to dialogue about sustainability and local food ecosystems.
Picking Up the PACE: A new finance model could help rev-up energy upgrades in buildings across the United States
Posted on: 5/10/2010
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 has to date provided about $31 billion for clean-energy investments, creating green jobs, weatherizing low-income homes, and supporting renewable energy. While the ARRA is a good start towards the transition to a green economy, it is limited in its scope. “We need financing from the private sector. The stimulus is an improvement, but it’s still not enough. Here enters the PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) bond,” says Jack D. Hidary, who serves on the national steering committee for
A Fine Finish: Natural Wall Finishes, Nontoxic Paints and Clay Plasters
Posted on: 5/8/2010
A new wall finish can transform your home. Finishes protect walls from the elements and from daily wear, and they play an important role in regulating indoor temperature and humidity. Natural finishes, which undergo minimal processing and are generally nontoxic, can be made from clay, lime, chalk, casein, rock dusts, earth pigments, and natural plant extracts such as oils and waxes. These naturally beautiful materials bathe walls in color and texture while balancing relative humidity, creating a more comfortable indoor environment.
Garden Center's one-stop green shop
Posted on: 4/30/2010
LEED-certified Learning Station to be classroom, lab for gardeners, businesses
Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance Receives $17 M Grant
Posted on: 4/22/2010
The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, a non-profit providing program management and financing services for area residential and commercial buildings, has been awarded a $17 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to help reduce energy bills for Greater Cincinnati building owners.
GREENER STOCK'S Top 10: Greening for Spring
Posted on: 4/17/2010
Spring is typically a time when we clean out and clean up. This year, use these simple tips to minimize your environmental impact, save some money and time, and enjoy the scenery.
2011 Solar Decathlon Teams Announced
Posted on: 4/17/2010
If you haven’t been following the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon since its first run in 2002, you’ve been missing out. The Solar Decathlon invites teams of college students from around the world to submit ideas for a net-zero energy house of approximately 800 square feet. 20 of these teams are then selected to fully plan, design, and build their homes.
The Birth of a Green Corner
Posted on: 4/14/2010
Greener Stock is in its infancy and has occupied its space in Columbia-Tusculum for a little more than two months. But the green building supply retailer must develop quickly, a not so simple task for a business born in the middle of a recession. Believe it or not, architect Heather E. Curless, owner of Greener Stock, saw the economic climate as an opportunity.
GREENGUARD Environmental Institute Applauds Green Building Initiative's American National Standard for Commercial Green Building
Posted on: 4/12/2010
The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) congratulates the Green Building Initiative (GBI) on the successful completion of the first American National Standard for Commercial Green Building.
Green Rewards: Tax Credits Overview for Builders and Homeowners
Posted on: 4/9/2010
According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the average annual utility bill in the United States is currently $1,767, and energy costs are expected to continue to rise over the next few years. But the financial burden of high monthly utility bills is only one part of the challenge of energy production in America. Energy independence is rapidly becoming a priority since it offers great opportunities in the areas of job creation, manufacturing and environmental preservation.
AT&T, GE, Google, Intel Seek White House Energy Push
Posted on: 4/5/2010
Hoping to promote greater energy efficiency and to jump-start the nascent market for consumer energy monitoring technology, a group of 45 major companies and organizations -- including AT&T, GE, Google, Intel, and various advocacy, investment, and trade organizations -- on Monday asked President Obama in an open letter to promote greater consumer access to energy usage data.
Greener Stock shows, tells and sells
Posted on: 3/13/2010
Several years ago, Heather Curless had a revelation while trying to find IceStone, a gorgeous countertop product made from recycled glass and recycled concrete. If she, as a connected architect, couldn't locate a supplier in Greater Cincinnati, green building products stood a slim chance of making their way into mainstream homes.
Go Green From Floor to Ceiling
Posted on: 3/12/2010
Greener Stock featured on WLWT.
Why Choose Green Building Products
Posted on: 2/26/2010
The term "green building materials" means different things to different people. To many it means constructing or remodeling buildings to be energy efficient by increasing insulation, sealing air leaks, and upgrading mechanical equipment, appliances, and lighting. This is a great first step in creating sustainable buildings. But did you know that many traditional building materials, especially interior finishes, can actually be detrimental to the interior air quality in these new, tightly sealed buildings?
New Greener Stock retail shop supplies Green building projects
Posted on: 1/19/2010
Mt. Washington architect Heather Curless often has a hard time finding the environmentally sustainable building products she needs for the growing number of Green building projects her clients request. That's why she decided to open her own retail shop, Greener Stock, which opens this week at 3528 Columbia Parkway, near Delta, in Columbia Tusculum.
Greener Stock Available for Builders Next Week
Posted on: 1/4/2010
A store that bills itself as the first in Cincinnati to specialize in building supplies made from recycled or rapidly renewable materials is set to open on January 12 in Columbia Tusculum.
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