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Greener Stock - Waste Management/Recycling/Reclaiming

Building Value - www.buildingvalue-cincy.org
Building Value is a nonprofit social enterprise that salvages reusable materials for sale to the public. Their efforts help the environment, reduce the cost of disposal, and give architectural gems a second life.

Carpet Recycling - www.rivertradingcompany.com
Collects and processes post consumer and post industrial carpets and carpet pads.

Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity Restore - www.habitatcincinnati.org
The Cincinnati Habitat ReStore is a building materials recycling center that provides a sustainable source of income to Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity. The ReStore accepts material donations from a variety of sources and uses new materials whenever possible in the construction of Habitat homes. The balance is sold to the public at greatly reduced prices.

Covington Re-Use Center - www.covingtonreusecenter.org
The Covington Re-Use Center is dedicated to taking materials headed for the dumpster and re-using them to help others build their own American Dream. The products that are donated to the CRC are building grade products that are overstocked by our partner suppliers or are donated by companies and private individuals all across the Northern Kentucky area.

Global Environmental Services - www.gesrecycles.com
Global Environmental Services is a nationwide electronics recycler committed to protecting the environment.

Hamilton County Environmental Services - www.hamiltoncountyrecycles.org
The Solid Waste Management District is responsible for implementing programs to encourage and promote recycling in Hamilton County. The District is the organization responsible for ensuring that the County stays in compliance with State mandated recycling goals. They accomplish this by providing residents, communities and businesses with the tools and resources they need in order to develop, offer and participate in recycling and waste reduction programs. These tools take the form of grants, technical assistance, education and awareness.

Heritage Environmental Services - www.heritage-enviro.com
Providing a local source for shingle recycling.  Call 513-823-1597 for details.

Junk King - www.cincinnati.junk-king.com
Residential and commercial junk removal, recycling up to 60% of products hauled away.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful - www.keepcincinnatibeautiful.org
Since its inception in 1978, KCB has been launching innovative programs to reduce the waste stream in Cincinnati. Over twenty years ago in 1989, KCB partnered with the City of Cincinnati to create what was at the time the largest curbside recycling program in the mid-west. Since then, we have continued to pioneer waste reduction initiatives and provide guidance to area schools, businesses, and residents.

On Demand Container - www.ondemandcontainer.com
On Demand Recycling is the areas leader in construction debris recycling for LEED projects, providing dumpsters and processing for your waste off site at their recycling facility.


ReSource - www.ReSourceweb.org
Local Cincinnati nonprofit, ReSource, will pick up excess furniture, inventory, consumable products, cleaning supplies and personal care items from your business and re-purpose those items with other local nonprofits. It keeps excess items out of landfills and reduces overhead, so nonprofits can spend their funds on their mission.

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